Met the Regional Governors of World Bank and International Monetary Fund

Dr. Davaasuren, Chair of the Financial Regulatory Commission along with Mr. Choijilsuren.B, Minister of Ministry of Finance and Mr. Bayartsaikhan.N, Chairman of the State Bank of Mongolia met the delegates head by Mrs. Victoria Kvakva, Vice President of East Asia and Pacific Region, World Bank and Mr. James Anderson, authorized representative in Mongolia from the World Bank as well as executives of the International Monetary Fund. During the meeting Mongolian delegates gave a brief summary on country’s current economic situation and it’s faced challenges. Mr. Choijilsuren.B Minister of Ministry of Finance highlighted a point that there are lots more to be done in order to overcome the present challenges.

All members of the council were participated on the 2016 Annual Meeting of the IMF and World Bank Group which shows the high significance of bilateral cooperation with the World Bank and IMF.  

Source: Financial Regulatory Commission