Professional Accounting








In today’s globalized economy, you need a trusted partner who can provide professional accounting services, which are guaranteed to be accurate, timely and cost-effective for small and medium sized businesses.

With HLB Mongolia professional accounting services, your necessary financial reporting no longer need to be tied to a costly in-house accounting department or bookkeeper. We manage your needs with a staff of accredited financial professionals and Certified Public Accountants (CPA’s).

HLB Mongolia aims to provide assurance that the company is operating optimally and within the constraints of local laws and regulations. We have a full transactional accounting service:

 - Setting up of a detailed accounting systems;
 - Preparation of monthly, quarterly and annual accounts comprising the Balance Sheet,        Profit & Loss accounts, and notes to the accounts;
 - Preparation of debtors and creditors ageing lists, payment vouchers, and cheques;
 - Acting as cheque signatories;
 - Preparation of periodic management accounts;
 - Maintenance of fixed asset register;
 - Inventory control management system.