Business Advisory Services

Today’s business world is fast-paced and constantly changing. To succeed, companies must seize the opportunities while managing risks. HLB Mongolia advisory practice is innovative, where we take a long-term view and seek out short-term goals in line with the overall objective. We have an integrated approach to client service via our experienced professional staff with a breadth of specific advisory, technical and industry sector skills.

HLB Mongolia can assist your senior level staff regarding financial administration and management, helping them to focus their time and energy on their core business functions, including the business goals and the productivity of the business operation.

HLB Mongolia, business service teams provide a wide range of administration and financial management services, including regular financial and management reports, which allow you to make informed business decisions. We have following reports and services available:

 - Assisting foreign businesses establish Mongolia operations and advising on alternative       structures and approaches;
 - Finance, cash flow forecasting, working capital and debt management reporting;
 - Impact of VAT, compliance, and planning reviews;
 - Financial and management reports;
 - Costing systems controls, analysis, and reporting;
 - Companies Act compliance;
 - Advice regarding internal control of the organizations.