Outsourcing your payroll service to an external company has a lot of benefits. The most important advantage is the reduction of costs related to the operation of business entities, such as the staff costs associated with running your payroll in-house, payroll software and the confidentiality of salaries. Thus, in the globalized economy, the outsourcing of payroll service is becoming an increasingly popular solution used by many business entities.

HLB Mongolia ensures smooth payroll management services that can help achieve better resource management and save you the hassles and time-consuming tasks of payroll processing. HLB Mongolia places paramount importance on quality and accuracy while completing payroll processing. We have experienced teams with a great deal of in-depth knowledge, delivering outstanding payroll services, as well as focusing the highest accuracy and quality.

The HLB Mongolia’s ‘Payroll Service’ portfolio includes:

  - Payslip preparation;
  - Maintaining sick pay and maternity pay records;
  - Sickness and absence recording;
  - Payments of salaries and wages;
  - Compliance with existing law, regulation and new legislation;
  - Dealing with employer and employee queries;
  - Give guidance on various payroll issues, regulation, and legislation;
  - Electronic filing of forms to respective regulatory offices;
  - Social and Health Insurance calculation and reporting;
  - Customized management reporting on payroll information;
  - Support for accounting journals relating to payroll.